Day 2

This is my second day at WordPress. My near-term goal is to post every day. My intention for this blog isn’t to share goals, though I will undoubtedly do that; it’s to celebrate failure.  My most important goal for 2012 is to find a way to fail every day. I hope that intrigues you because I believe that failure is important. It’s one of the most powerful tools available for living an interesting, joyful, productive life.

This is my third attempt at blogging. You guessed it; the first two were failures. I took a course in technical writing at a local college. It wasn’t anything like I expected. Producing technical documentation was important, but the course focused on creating and maintaining technical information using wiki’s. While I’m a huge consumer of online information, especially wiki’s, it never occurred to me to create one myself. The class opened my eyes to a much larger world that had been right in front of me for a long time. I tried a couple of free systems for creating wiki’s, but they weren’t getting me where I wanted to go, so I abandoned them.

Honestly, I can’t remember what made me aware of blogging. We didn’t cover it in my tech writing class, but the class sensitized me to the potential of online communication. Something, though, triggered my interest and I immediately ordered a couple of books (I almost always start new projects with a few new books) and became a blogging newbie. I’m convinced that this is the tool that I’ve been looking for. My early posts will be about my experiences getting into blogging and learning WordPress. WordPress should offer me a wealth of failure opportunities. Gradually, I’ll direct things toward sharing my experiences at becoming a productive failure.

I want to accomplish three things today with respect to my blog. First, complete a post (check). Second, add categories and tags. I don’t think anyone will ever see this if I don’t figure that one out. Third, I want to create a passable About Page.

So, I’m off to finish my to-do list. That’s it for my Day 2 post. By the way, if you’re interested in a good book on blogging (at WordPress in particular), I’m finding Tris Hussey‘s Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro to be very helpful.

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