Direction for 2012


In Tris Hussey‘s book Creste Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro (recommended), he talks about turning comments off for some of your pages. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that. Finally! this morning I got it. From Dashboard do Pages->All Pages and then choose Quick Edit for the page you want to Enable/Disable comments. A screen will come up with a checkbox that allows you to turn on/off comments.

My inclination is to leave comments on for all of my pages. I have three pages other than my main page. About tells you a little bit about me and the blog; Scratchpad is a place for me to throw things that I don’t want to forget. Scanning through it might give you a little more feel for who I am; Glossary is a place I try to explain what I mean by some of the words I use. Feel free to check out those pages and leave comments or send me something to add to them.

Direction for 2012

This is not a techie blog, though there will be techie posts for awhile because there seems to be an endless stream of tools that I need to embrace to create the kind of blog that I want. I’m spending a lot of time learning the system (WordPress) and trying to figure out how to add graphics, pictures, and videos. Since those are the things I’m doing, those are the things I’m talking about.

In 2012, I’m going to concentrate on the idea of Multiple Streams of Income, a concept that I got from author and businessman Robert Allen. He wrote a book by that title. There are a number of interesting ideas in his book, but it feels a bit like an infomercial for some of his other stuff. I do find the idea of multiple streams intriguing. I want to apply my concept of productive failure with his of multiple streams and see where it takes me.

How hard is it to create a stream of income? How do I find ideas for creating streams? How much start-up capital does it take? How quickly can I get a stream started? How much effort does it take to keep one going? How much specialize knowledge or education do I need? What new things do I need to learn? What resources are available?

This is just a start to the questions that I have, but it’ll give you an idea of what is rattling around in my head.

I hope that everyone had a terrific Christmas (or holiday). We have one more eat-fest to go to today and then all will be quiet until new year’s eve. After that, I really want to get into productive failure mode.

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