Disappointing experience

I’ve only been blogging (reading and writing) for a few days, but I’ve already found a few blogs that I keep going back to. One of them gave me a big disappointment this morning. I’m purposely omitting the name of the blog. It has a lot of self-improvement stuff and some of it is pretty good. This morning’s post went something like this: Here’s the problem. I have some cool ideas about how you can overcome these problems. All you have to do is click this link and I’ll sell you my terrific solutions. I felt cheated. I didn’t recognize the site as a commercial site. Here he came trolling and I took the bait.

That post got me thinking about this site and what I want it to be. If you’ve read my About page, you know that I’m interested in small business, productive failure, and creating streams of income. This blog, though, is intended to be an idea lab, not a commercial site. I don’t mind someone putting up a good post and then telling me that they have a product for sale. If I’m interested in what they’re writing about I will certainly consider their product, but I don’t like being tricked.

I mention things I come across that I find interesting and useful. If I mention something…I AM using it! And, if I am going to make money if you buy something I recommend, I’ll clearly state that BEFORE making the recommendation. Promise! As I said, I want this to be an idea lab, not a commercial site. The application of commercial ideas will be places other than this blog.

For the record, I’ve mentioned Tris Hussey’s book Create Your Own Blog…I guess this makes it three times. I don’t know Tris and I don’t get anything if you check out and buy his book. I think it’s a good book about blogging and I’m using it every day. I also have another book on blogging that I haven’t mentioned because I don’t think it’s that good.

This brings to mind something I think that I need to do. I’m going to add a Guidelines page that describes the guidelines that I’ll use for the site. As I think of things that I feel I need to stick to, I’ll add them to the Guidelines page. I’ll try to remember to point people to it anytime I mention a product.

Special thanks: The robofrog gravitar was produced by Shane Shaw. He graciously gave me permission to use it at The Robotic Frog. Thanks Shane!

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