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I love blogging. A huge benefit is that you have a record of where your head was at the time you posted and you can see how your thinking has evolved. I spent the past two days thinking about my blog (and working my day job) and I’ve come to some conclusions. Time for some new plans.

First: My books on blogging say that you should focus the purpose of your blog. I agree with that in principle, but I’m so new to blogging that I’m not sure that I know what to focus on. So, I’m backing away from a tight focus and writing about the things that interest me…at the time I’m interested in them. Note that there are some new pages. There isn’t anything in them yet, but they point the way to things that might show up here.

Filament Productions

[Learnings]:Focus may be important, but it can also be done too quickly. First, explore who you are and what you’re interested in. Books are a terrific help, but you must find your own way.

Second: In my post Direction for 2012, I said this isn’t a techie blog. Why not? Most of the pages I added are techie. I take that as a message to myself that I should write about technical things. I love tech. What can I say? I’m a geek.

Third: I’m interested in creative ways to produce streams of income. That’s not the purpose of my blog, though. My blog is an idea lab, a place to think about and share ideas. I was hooked by a blogger trolling for customers. It was a bad experience. I’m going to try not to let that happen here. If you find that I’m not being good to this commitment…call me on it. I’ll fix it.

Whew! Now that I have this failure processed, I have new plans and directions. I gave the site a new look that I think is more readable, added a Guidelines page to describe the rules-of-thumb I’ll follow in producing this blog, and added some new pages that point in the direction of things to come. I’m excited; one step closer to getting it right. My next post is going to be about creativity. Only a little techie-stuff.

Special thanks: Shane Shaw produced the RoboFrog gravitar. He graciously gave me permission to use it at The Robotic Frog. Thanks Shane!

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