HE’s at it again!

[* If you don’t know who or what these are check the Glossary page.]

“Good morning,” says I as I enter the Robo Computing Center, morning tea in hand. HE’s* hunched over Defiant* typing away.

“I’ve done it.”

“Mmmm,” I reply cautiously. Do I really want to know? HE continues working, oblivious to my presence. I know I’ll regret it, but I can’t resist.

“So, what is it that you’ve done?”

“I’ve reloaded Xubuntu onto Defiant and I’ve worked out all the kinks.”

It’s rare that I’m without something to say, but I was dumbfounded. We spent the past three weeks coming to a decision once and for all about which Linux distribution to use. I thought we decided it was Kubuntu. Kubuntu is working extremely well and KDE (Kubuntu’s GUI*) has some amazing features. The ONLY complaint that I have at all with Kubuntu is that on our older hardware it’s a bit sluggish. It’s so refreshing to have a system that just works.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” I’m cool under fire. I didn’t know whether to grab a big stick an go to work on HIM or just tell MsRoboFrog.

“Defiant’s running great. I fixed the problems with Xubuntu. Here, use her for a few days and see what you think. Give her a good workout.”

It’s finally dawning on me what RoboFrog is up to. First, let me tell you something about The-Frog. HE’s like a bulldog. Once HE get HIS teeth into something HE just won’t let go. HE’s tenacious, relentless. When a problem beats HIM and HE walks away, you may think that it’s done. Don’t count on it. HE’s just run out of ideas for the moment. HE walks away, stews for a while…and then HE’s back trying something new. I should have seen this coming.

We used Arch Linux with Xfce as our GUI for a long time. That’s how we got hooked on Xfce. Our hardware is old, so an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink interface like KDE is sluggish. Xfce, however, is lightweight and  runs crisply on older hardware. So I understand why HE’s stuck on the idea of using Xfce.

RoboFrog was impressed with Xubuntu from the moment HE set eyes on it. If I had paid attention I would have noticed that over the past three months HE has returned to Xubuntu repeatedly. Now I have the picture. HE’s determined to make Xubuntu work. Maybe HE’s done it. HE seems to think so.

Okay, I’ll give Defiant a workout, but I get to be curious around here too. I’ve demanded (for what that’s worth) that RoboFrog leave Kubuntu on Whitestar*. Here’s what I’m curious about. Assuming that HE has finally worked out the problems with Xubuntu, how many of the things that Kubuntu (KDE) allows us to do can be duplicated with Xubuntu (Xfce)? We like both; let’s see how they compare.

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