We’re back…finally!!!

[If you don’t know what or who these* are, check the glossary.]

Linux Problems Resolved!

RoboFrog was adamant that we weren’t going any farther until we resolved our Linux problems. HE* fell in love with Xubuntu 11.10, but couldn’t get it to work reliably. Thunar (file manager) never did work correctly. While that was irritating, RoboFrog fixed the problem by using a different file manager. So far, so good. The problem HE was never able to resolve was dropping Defiant’s* wireless connection. This problem got a lot better when we installed the Diamond Wireless Range Extender. Sadly, we still lost the connection occasionally. The fix came suddenly and from an unexpected place.

Xubuntu 12.04

Xubuntu Desktop (Precise)RoboFrog was at HIS* wits end with Xubuntu 11.10. It was the distribution that HE wanted us to run here on the LilyPad, but dropping the wireless connection was a deal-breaker. One morning HE noticed that Xubuntu 12.04-beta1 had just been released. We usually don’t run beta’s, but The Frog was desperate. HE figured there wasn’t much to lose, so HE downloaded Xubuntu 12.04-beta1 and installed it onto Defiant. I thought that the Xubuntu team had done an amazing job of creating an attractive desktop. RoboFrog isn’t particularly impressed by a pretty face. HE’s more into things like file managers and Internet connections that work properly.

The critical problem from RF’s point of view was the wireless Internet connection. We ran Xubuntu 12.04-beta1 until beta2 was released. Defiant didn’t drop the Internet connection a single time. When Xubuntu 12.04-beta2 arrived, we did a fresh install and ran it until the official Xubuntu 12.04 release. Again, Defiant didn’t drop the Internet connection a single time. One more fresh install when Xubuntu 12.04 was officially released. The Internet connection problem was simply gone. Thank you Xubuntu team! Finally, we had a beautiful, stable Linux system. Xubuntu 12.04 is our Linux distribution of choice and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants a simpler, traditional desktop environment.

Here’s an additional note. The problem that Xubuntu 11.10 had with Thunar (file manager) continued into the 12.04 beta1 and beta2. The problem was corrected in the release version. We are happily using Thunar and it works exactly as it should. Xubuntu 12.04 is a solid, high quality distribution…and we love it.

*buntu 12.04

Actually, we tried Ubuntu 12.04, Kubuntu 12.04, Xubuntu 12.04, and Lubuntu 12.04. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu work amazingly well. We recommend any one of these especially for first-time Linux users.  We had a couple of glitches with Lubuntu. We like it, though. It’s running on our file server. More on Lubuntu next time.

Renovation at the RoboFrog Computing Center

We’ve dramatically changed the staff and roles at the RFCC*. Chatterbox* has been retired; Whitestar* has taken up duty as our file server; we have a new (to us) “desktop” machine (BigDog); a Kindle Fire (nameless so far) has come on board; and we rescued Dellbert. Defiant has maintained her position as our primary laptop. We’ll tell you about this cast of characters next time.

Thankfully, things are finally stable here at the RFCC…and maybe…we can move on to some of the cool projects that we want to work on.

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