More Dellbert

[If you don’t know who or what these* are, check the Glossary page.]

Dellbert* (cont)

Things change quickly around here when RoboFrog is doing HIS* thing. I like stability and a minimum number of surprises. TheFrog thrives on chaos, so it’s not unusual that there are significant changes to Dellbert since last time. HE* had Dellbert working with Ubuntu 12.04 Server and an LXDE desktop environment. It was sluggish, but it worked.

RoboFrog was working with OldBlue. OldBlue? That’s right. I haven’t introduced OldBlue and I’m not going to do that today. He’s our other rescue computer. He was making quite a racket and TheFrog was trying to figure out why. Turned out that OldBlue had a bad CPU cooling fan. RoboFrog thought about it for a while. HE wanted to salvage a fan from one of our old machines. The problem was that we’re using most of them. Then HE got a big idea. HE remembered that we had an old, blue Candy-Mac (Apple Macintosh Desktop) hidden away. HE’s kept the machine for years…even though it doesn’t work…because HE likes the case. HE has dreams of using that case when HE assembles HIS next Linux machine. Your guess is as good as mine as to when that’s going to happen. We’ve had the Mac for about 14 years. It’s been non-functional for the past 5 years (One of HIS! experiments). Maybe it had a fan HE could appropriate.

Nope. There were a couple of fans in the case, but nothing we could use for OldBlue. Then HE saw them. Two memory cards; but this is a Mac and Dellbert is a PC (Thought I’d forgotten about Dellbert, didn’t you?) Sometimes TheFrog looks like HE just freezes in place. HE doesn’t move for several seconds. It was spooky the first time I saw HIM do it, but I know now that HE’s just off in HIS own universe thinking about something. I wait patiently until HE comes back.

“Could that work?”

“Could what work?” I ask.

“Could these two memory boards work in Dellbert? They’re both roughly the same vintage.”

See what I have to live with? HE went into the Candy-Mac looking for a cooling fan for OldBlue and came out with memory cards for Dellbert. HE changes direction so fast sometimes I get whiplash. TheFrog proceeded to remove the two memory cards from the Mac and headed for Dellbert. HE opened up Dellbert. Dellbert had three memory slots, two of which were empty. RoboFrog removed Dellbert’s memory card and compared it the cards he removed from the Mac. Same size and shape. All the numbers on the back of the cards were identical. RoboFrog installed all three cards into Dellbert, closed his case, and fired him up.

Dellbert now has 384 MB of RAM (random access memory). Best of all, it didn’t cost us anything. Soooooo…did it make any difference? You bet! Next time.

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