• BigDog: HP Pavilion dv-9000 laptop, 500 GB HD, 2 GB RAM (deceased, 19 Aug 2012)
  • Chatterbox: RoboFrog file server. Sony PCV-RX991 desktop. (retired)
  • defeat: When you stop trying to achieve…give up.
  • Defiant: RoboLaptop. IBM ThinkPad T-43, 800 MHz, 100 GB HD, 1,5 GB RAM.
  • Dellbert: Dell Dimension XPS T500, 13 GB HD, 376 MB RAM
  • failure: The source of most interesting things: When you try to produce a result and you get something other than what you intended. This is where the real fun begins. It’s the beginning, not the end. Failure is NOT defeat! (see defeat)
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
  • Guru: Very advanced Linux-er. A Linux user who can make a Linux system “sing and dance.”
  • HAC: Have-A-Clue Linux-er. A Linux user who has an intermediate understanding about set up and configuration of a Linux system.
  • HE, HIM, HIS: RoboFrog’s wife’s husband and our tech support guy at RFCC.
  • HER, HERS, SHE: MsRoboFrog.
  • LilyPad: RoboFrog’s home.
  • MsRoboFrog: Love of RoboFrog’s life!
  • Newbie: Someone who knows little or nothing about the inner workings of Linux.
  • process: A collection of actions that produces one or more results.
  • result: The “thing(s)” you get when you execute a process. You recognize it when you see it. You know when you have it and when you don’t. You can measure it.
  • RFCC: RoboFrog Computing Center
  • RoboFrog: Our endlessly curious mad scientist/technologist, tech support, tinkerer, and chief trouble-maker here on the LilyPad.
  • Squirt: Kindle Fire (RoboFrog’s 2012 birthday present)
  • sub-process: Same thing as a process only less filling. A small process that’s part of a larger process.
  • system: Too much like process for my liking. Sometimes, it’s used to mean process and sometimes a sort of super-process…an agregate of processes working together to produce one or more results. For simplicity, I’ll just stick with process, but feel free to use system if you like the word.
  • TRF: The Robotic Frog
  • Untouchable: Stable computer that HE is supposed to keep HIS hands off. 200 GB HD, 2.2 GHz, AMD64, 1 GB RAM. Assembled by RoboFrog specifically to run Linux.
  • Whitestar: Experimental computer on the LilyPad. Dell Dimension 8400. 3 GHz, 32-bit Pentium, 160 GB HD, 1 GB RAM
  • *buntu: Ubuntu Linux or a distribution derived from Ubuntu.

I find that communication goes more smoothly if we first agree on our definitions. Mathematicians understand this. When I took differential equations I didn’t think we were ever going to get to the mathematics. We started with what seemed like an endless stream of definitions. In retrospect, I understand it’s impossible to learn mathematics (or anything else, for that matter) without agreeing on a vocabulary. The same is true for communication in general.

If you want to try an interesting exercise, find the Webster 1896 dictionary on the web and compare word definitions found there  with definitions found in current dictionaries. I was stunned by the contrast of how precise they were trying to be in 1896 with the nailing-jelly-to-the-wall fuzziness of many modern definitions. Try figuring out what truth means.

If we’re to communicate, we must be sure that we’re talking about the same things. This glossary is an attempt at giving a reasonable description of terms that I think might be misunderstood or which I have created, augmented, focussed, or distorted in some way.

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3 responses to “Glossary

    • Thanks Mouse! I thought I might have set you back a bit with the last comment I left at your blog. As I looked back at it I had to admit that it was somewhat melodramatic…though still accurate from my POV. I love your stuff. I’m humbled that you found something of value here. The scary thing is that we might be kindred spirits. Thanks for stopping by.

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