• The universe is what it is. We may wish it to be otherwise, but that’s all we can do…wish. No one (including us) has the ability to change what it is.
  • Human nature is what it is. It’s a law of nature, built into the fabric of our being; coded into our DNA. To wish that the human race will be something other than what we are is just that…wishes.
  • Every result (outcome) is the consequence of a process.
  • You can’t fight the process. Every process is perfectly “designed” to produce the results you’re getting from it. By pumping in a lot of “energy,” one can temporarily distort the output of a process. This is hugely difficult, expensive, and unsustainable. When you stop pumping in the “energy,” the process goes back to producing the results it’s “designed” to produce. In the long run, the process always wins.
  • If you want different results, you must change the process.
  • I choose! So do you.
  • simple ≠ easy


  • Truthfulness
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Courage
  • Relentless, Positive, Patient, Tough


  • There’s room in the universe for more ideas than mine.
  • The mind is both rational and irrational. Without the irrational, there’s no creativity. Getting lost in the irrational, though, is insanity.
  • Words are your mask. Actions are your measure.
  • “None of us is as good as all of us.”
  • NOTHING…is free.

Quotations & Witticisms (in no particular order)

I do my best not to steal other people’s stuff, but I do borrow ideas shamelessly. If there are no quotes, I believe it to be mine; quotes with no attribution indicate that it’s not mine, but I don’t know where I got it; otherwise, the attribution gives my source (not necessarily the original source).

  • All generalizations are false, including this one.” –unknown
  • Find a need and fill it.” I got this from a guy named Wayne Greene. Don’t know if I have his name spelled correctly, but he wrote a book on real estate investing back in the 1970’s.
  • There are no contradictions. If you think you see a contradiction, examine your premises.” Ayn Rand
  • There’s a big difference between failure and defeat! –RoboFrog
  • Any idiot can make simple things more complicated. It’s real artistry when you can make complicated things simple. –RoboFrog
  • “If life deals you lemons…make lemonade.”
  • “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” A. Einstein
  • Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” A. Einstein
  • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” A. Einstein
  • The difference between those that do and those that don’t is that those that do…DO! –RoboFrog
  • Planning is important, critical…but, to get what you want, you must act. –RoboFrog
  • Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur
  • The only thing in the universe that’s constant is change. –RoboFrog
  • Do one thing before you don’t do three or four! –RoboFrog
  • “Whenever people are certain they understand our peculiar situation here on this planet, it is because they have accepted a religious Faith or a secular Ideology (Ideologies are the modern form of Faiths) and just stopped thinking.” — Robert Anton Wilson
  • Those who ignore nature are doomed to be crushed by it. –RoboFrog


  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey
  • Wishcraft, Barbara Sher
  • Out of the Crisis, W. Edwards Deming
  • Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer Johnson
  • Create Your Own Blog: 6 Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro, Tris Hussey

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